Our Company

Saagar Design and Construction specializes in offering contracting services for residential and commercial developments in, Toronto, Greater Toronto area, Brampton and Mississauga, Construction is highly complex and expensive process that might even challenge experience as well as first-time owners likewise. No matter what the nature of project is, its success completely depends on deciding the right construction contractor. A constant consultation session with the clients helps us extend a customized solution for the construction needs and adding importance to every single project.

The strongest personality traits of our company:


The group is widely recognized for its principle driven philosophy, integrity and transparency and we stand committed to cementing trust and creating valuable products. Our most precious treasures are our customers who value our construction and motivate us to grow more with our innovations. With this customer based philosophy we outshine to achieve the desired results and deliver the best every time, on time.


The Group has profitably served local and regional projects in an extensive range of segments counting residential accommodation, institutional and healthcare & pharmacy buildings, restaurants, cafeteria, banquet halls and commercial offices. We exactly identify the blueprint of a successful execution, which is why we build up precise pre-construction budget and a cost-saving construction plan.


An experienced contractor offers competitive pricing, professionalism, financial strength, commitment supported by workplace safety and superior quality. All the tasks are undertaken and managed effectively by our team of honest and professional craftsman. Sticking to the timetables and completing assignments on schedule is what we are known for.

Superior Craftsmanship

The Company believes in an innovative advancement and its construction solutions are combined with quality products, customer services, professional technical support and premier services towards developing, managing, engineering, building and operating installations.

Saagar Design and Construction group stands synonymous to all the terms and has always believed in transforming people’s dream into reality with an integrated state-of-the-art technology and advanced construction solutions.

Saagar Design and Construction stands tall among the leading providers of first-rate construction services United States and the services comprise of comprehensive project management, construction management, general contracting, design/build, maintenance and development.

While continually acknowledging the importance of new building technologies and ever-changing customer needs. We look forward to hearing about your project and how we can help.