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Designing a pharmacy was not an easy job. The designs have undergone a drastic change in the past few years. The task was to renovate the pharmacy and giving it a complete makeover while the business was functional. The scope of work included renovation of the whole building by giving it a modernised look which included exterior as well. A walk in clinic that is full of patients throughout the day and completion of work within a specified time was a challenge. Months of hard work and dedication helped Saagar Design and Construction Company achieve the target and the results were outstanding.


Last month Saagar Design and Construction Company celebrated the completion of their commercial project of designing and constructing a Chocolate cafe in waterloo, Greater Toronto Area. Special thanks to designers who produced yet another marvellous design and construction team raised the bar with modernised creation. Achieving such high standards seemed difficult while understanding the project from the clients but our proficient team did an outstanding job. We keep our clients guided throughout the designing, planning phase and construction to ensure efficiency, clarity and booming result that they always expected. Ausanda Choclate Location: 255 King Street North, Waterloo, ON N2J 4V2

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